Better than Firewhiskey

It couldn’t be more clear that the writers are trying to tell us that Toby is, in fact, innocent. Think about it.

  • We got multiple hints this episode, from the private investigator and Emily that things on the surface can be deceptive. I felt that it was a hint from the writers telling us that there’s another explanation to Toby being A.
  • The hydrangeas Toby bought were clearly for his mother.
  • The key ultimately lead to nothing. I have a feeling this key was planted by Mona to destroy Spencer. Also, Mona sipping champagne inside Toby’s apartment while Spencer cried outside clearly meant that she KNEW that Spencer found out about Toby. That bitch.
  • We keep getting hints about how much Spencer and Toby loved each other. Case in point - “Always your girl, Spencer.” “Will you be mine? Because I’m already yours. I love you so much. Toby.” Plus, the pictures of both of them together. It almost feels like the writers are trying to reassure us that Spoby will ultimately get back together.
  • Toby fighting with Spencer about how she doesn’t tell him anything and that he’ll “find out for himself” coincided weirdly with the revelation that he was on the A Team. It honestly seems to me that Toby’s on the A Team just to find out what the fuck is happening.

My Spoby heart is broken but I know there’s a chance that they will get back together.

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    I want this to be true .. so bad. But honestly, I don’t know what to believe anymore. Spencer won’t recover at least...
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