I’m so exahusted. Tired of  EVERYTHING. School, routine, even getting out of bed is painful. I want to sleep for a million years, or at least sleep until things get better, and if they don’t just sleep, sleep, sleep.

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How grand it must be, to be the chosen one.- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince(2009)

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pretty little liars / tumblr style - insp. (x)


And I’m especially disappointed in Emily for not supporting Hanna. Cause people keep forgetting that Emily got so fucking trashed that she ended up being passed around rosewood by every sketch ass character and landed at Allison’s dug up grave with a shovel in her hand and it took an entire fucking season for her to remember what the fuck happened.

So for Emily of all people to judge Hanna for drinking is laughable literally every single bit of canon and character development has just been completely tossed out of the window for this stupid shit IM SO MAD.

Fucking yes.

Can the girls on this show please STOP with the Hanna bashing and try to understand that Alison has affected Hanna even before she went missing.

Hanna fucking STARVED herself and forced herself to throw up and brought herself on the urge of having an eating disorder because Alison made her feel bad about her body all the time

It’s only understandable that Ali being back brings back ALL those feelings for Hanna and it’s obvious that it was traumatic enough that she’s spiraling downwards BECAUSE of that and her drinking is just PROOF that there’s something seriously wrong and people need to BE THERE for her, not judging her for turning up to class with biscuits in her hair

And can we please talk about how fucking creepy Zach is and that asshole needs to be called out on his shit soon and Aria owes Hanna a BIG FUCKING APOLOGY 

//rant over

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  • When Spencer was taking pills last season, her friends were pretty supportive. It’s pretty annoying that no one’s really standing up for Hanna when she’s CLEARLY going through something.
  • It’s pretty obvious that Ali affected Hanna the most even before she went missing. I wish the girls would understand that and be supportive, considering the fact that Ali’s return is taking such a heavy toll on Hanna.
  • I love Caleb and Haleb together but ughh not really enjoying seeing Hanna on a downward spiral along with him :( I loved Caleb and Hanna together because they could always pull each other up (Caleb with his mom, Hanna with A and the other issues with the girls) but this season, they’re both on a downward spiral and they’re kind of in a “fuck it, this feels good, let’s just drink the pain away” phase and it’s killing me because I love them both and I just need someone to help them both.
  • I don’t know what to think of Ali. She kind of sucks the energy out of me, too. I can’t sympathize with her for some reason. Especially after her revelation that Noel Kahn was the one who broke into Hanna’s house. Why the fuck would you put Mrs. Marin through that? 
  • Zach is such a total creep and I’ve ranted enough about that and the victim blaming (whether or not it was justified from Aria’s POV, what with Hanna’s credibility being questioned because of her drinking which is further proof that her friends need to START BEING THERE FOR HER) was just NOT COOL. I felt so bad for Hanna.
  • I feel bad for Aria’s mum too, considering that she’s so happy and thinks she’s finally found love. And her soon-to-be fiance is hitting on her daughter’s teenage friend.
  • (Toby wanting to be a cop is hot, though.)
  • This whole episode frustrated me and the episodes post the 100th episode have been such a let down.
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Hanna Marin in “Scream for Me”

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Okay, I LOVE Aria but someone needs to tell her that even if Hanna was drunk and invited Zach into her car (which she didn’t) a fucking older guy who’s engaged to an another woman shouldn’t be hitting on teenage girls in the first place and placing his hands on their backs or squeezing their thighs! A fucking grown ass man needs to keep his hands off younger girls (irrespective if they’re drunk or not) if they’re not interested. Fucking hell. I was so mad when she blamed Hanna for that. She has the right to be mad at her for spilling the beans to Sydney but not for this. This was definitely not Hanna’s fault. Victim blaming is not cool, even if Hanna’s credibility could be seriously questioned (from Aria’s POV) due to the drinking and everything.

(Also, Zach is a total fucking creep and just ughh)

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"I bought you books"

— Pick up line that will have me hook, line, and sinker
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