The story of Aria and Ezra…

Pretty Little Liars TIMELINE!


October 2008 - “The First Secret” (2x13)

July 2009 - The liars blind Jenna.

September 2009 - Alison goes missing.


Season 1: Liars begin junior year. 

September 2010 - Aria returns from Iceland (1x01). 

September 2010 - Liars start getting -A texts. 

November 2010 - Hanna and Caleb have sex (1x19). 

November 2010 - Ian falls off belltower (1x22). 

(Note: Season 1 took place over about 8 weeks)

(Note: Caleb’s password was the day him and Hanna first had sex, which was November 5th)


Season 2 : Liars still in junior year. 

November 2010 - Ian’s body is found with suicide note (2x04). 

Nov/Dec 2010 - Liars are arrested for being found with “Alison’s” murder weapon (2x12). 

[One month passes between 2x12 and 2x14]

March 2011 - Mona is revealed as -A (2x25).

March 2011 - Maya dies (2x25)

(Note: Marlene tweeted that the timeline was around March for the finale.) 


Season 3: Start of liars senior year. 

September 2011 - Emily digs up “Alison’s” grave.

October 2011 - Emily kills Nate (3x12). 

October 2011 - Toby is revealed as -A [to audience] (3x12). 

October 2011 - Halloween senior year (3x13). 

November 2011 - Mona returns to Rosewood High (3x14). 

November 2011 - Spencer finds out Toby is -A (3x16). 

November 2011 - Ezra finds out about Malcolm (3x17). 

November 2011 - Toby fakes his own death (3x21).

November 2011 - Spencer joins the -A team (3x23). 


Season 4: Liars are still in senior year. 

November 2011 - Wilden is found murdered (4x01).

November 2011 - Jenna drowns at Emily’s party (4x09).

November 2011 - The liars go to Ravenswood (4x12). 

November 2011 - The liars discover 100% Ali IS alive (4x13). 

November 2011 - Aria finds out about the book (4x21). 

November 2011 - Ezra gets shot (4x24). 


Season 5: Liars are still in senior year. 

November 2011 - Aria kills Shana (5x01). 

November 2011 - Ali returns to Rosewood High (5x05)

November 2011 - Thanksgiving senior year (5x13).

November 2011 - Mona dies (5x13). 

December 2011- Christmas episode! (5x14)


Please no one copy this, it honestly took me a LOT of time! If anyone has any other events they would like me to add to the timeline, let me know! 

Time goes VERY SLOWLY in Rosewood. It’s almost like a magical element to us.” -Marlene King




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m: she assembled the perfect group
a: perfect for what?
s: for a  s o c i o p a t h  to manipulate

Pretty Little Liars — Ezra Fitz

It’s like a story. It was perfect.

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I spy a liar. -A